PIDP 3250 Course Content

vccHi Everyone

I am moving into my fourth VCC course. I figured while on a roll I might as well keep going. The PIDP 3250 course promises to be a journey of learning and discovery.

The PIDP 3250 Course – Instructional Strategies, will assist me in developing a practical understanding of adult learners and appropriate teaching methods. The course explores issues related to learner motivation and classroom management. The course also addresses the differences between direct and indirect instruction and describes the behaviors required of instructors in order to be effective in both of these approaches. The Instructional Strategies course will allow me to experience a variety of instructional strategies and techniques which I can apply to my own teaching practice. The PIDP 3250 assignments necessitate independent research, reflective journaling, designing a blog, creating an instructional strategies video, participation in course discussion forums, and facilitating a discussion forum.

I look forward to posting as I progress through the course, and reading and sharing ideas about the course content we will learn. Be sure to take a look at my PIDP 3250 Instructional Strategies Resource Page. Happy learning to all.




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