PIDP 3250 Technology in Education

Technology has always been a great interest of mine and I find the idea of technology changing education fascinating. There is something magical about high-speed technology; technology continually advances right before our eyes. This notion makes me wonder where we will be a few years from now. When I began my journey as an educator, I promised myself that I would be a lifelong learner and keep current in new instructional methods. At our college where we are encouraged to incorporate and develop technology-enabled teaching tools in the class lessons. Few educators would disagree with the notion that technology has dramatically changed the teaching and learning process. As a student in college, I was exposed to classes where the instructor used chalkboards and overhead projectors to explain concepts. Fast-forward a few years, and I think how far technology has advanced. A notebook and pen formed the tool kit of my generation, nowadays; students come to class equipped with smart phones, laptops and iPods. Today’s students grow up in a world very different from the one I grew up in. Today’s students are “growing up digital” (Moeller & Reitzes, 2011.) The world is changing; it is getting both smaller and bigger at the same time. Perhaps as instructors we should be asking ourselves the questions, “How has this influx of technology changed how the student’s learn?” “Has technology become an addition or a distraction in the educational setting?” “Is increasing technology in the classroom actually increasing learning opportunities?” I believe technology is having an increasing importance in education and is transforming how students learn. I regard technology as an essential tool for a modern classroom. The students in my classroom rely upon technology, and their mastery of these tools is evident. I admit that I am not very tech savvy. Finding the time to integrate technology in everyday lessons is an overwhelming task for me. Contemplating my own teaching practice, I realize that the challenge for me is to find an ideal balance for learning about, and eventually integrating technology in meaningful ways for instruction. I realize how critical my role as an educator is in ensuring that students are exposed to technology in the classroom. I recognize that I have a key role to play in ensuring that technology supports student-centered learning, and that the technology supports the learning goals for students.


Moeller, B., & Reitzes, T. (2011). Integrating Technology with student-centered learning. Retrieved on March 14, 2014 from


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