PIDP 3250 How to make stress your friend.

At some time, we have all had difficulty with our energy levels and challenging situations. We have all dealt with some form of stress on a daily basis. Stress is our body’s call for help. Too much stress can pummel our bodies and mess with our minds. Like many working professionals with families, it becomes a daily challenge to juggle multiple tasks effectively. I wear many hats; I play the role of an employee, a student, a mother and a wife. Maintaining a job is hard work. Completing an online credential is difficult work. Being a mother is challenging. Each of these three titles rolled into one can be daunting at times. It has taken an immense amount of discipline and organization to make all these roles complement each other in a way that allows me to succeed in each one. I have learned to stay organized, use time efficiently and prioritize tasks. My days are go-go-go, overloaded with responsibilities and commitments, overwhelmed with life’s trials and tribulations. Stress has become an everyday part of my life. This Ted Talk by Kelly McGonigal (2013) was an eye opener for me. The ill effects of stress have been pounded into my head for years, and it was refreshing to hear that we can not only manage stress but turn stress into a positive source of energy! Instead of being reactive to stress, I can be responsive to it and move beyond coping to thriving. Stress can be good!
McGonigal (2013) makes a key statement in her presentation,“How you think about stress matters.” In her view, if you can change your perception of stress, you can change your body’s reaction to it. When your body shows signs of stress it may be energizing itself, preparing you to meet the challenges, helping you rise to these challenges. When you perceive the resultant changes in your body to stress as something good, the ramifications of stress will be different. I realize that there will never be more hours in my day, and my career and family responsibilities will always be demanding. After McGonigal’s (2013) talk on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that the only logical, and healthy thing to do is to harness the power within me and turn stress into a positive. I need to cope with stress in a healthy way.

Ted2013. (2013). Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend. Retrieved from


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