PIDP 3250 Power Teaching

Power Teaching:
This video was posted by the instructor in the PIDP 3250 course. WOW! It seemed as if I was watching “controlled chaos.” It has a slight military feel watching the students. The attention on the faces of the students was amazing. No one looked bored or disinterested. I liked that they were so engaged and turned to each other to learn. This teaching method seems to be successful because the students are enjoying learning (they are having fun while doing it.) I think this concept is a unique and fun way to grab the attention of the students and to make them interested in what the teacher has to say, and the students responded to the teacher in a positive manner. I, personally (as an introvert) cannot see myself using this technique in my class. I wonder what Susan Cain would say about this technique and the introverted learner? How does this technique work on a day to day basis? Are the students able to make the comprehension link amidst the ‘controlled chaos’?


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