PIDP 3250 Introverted students

In a classroom setting, we will encounter a mixed bag of introverted and extroverted students. In lecture classes, it can be challenging for introverted students to raise their hands and participate. The topic of our Course Journal this week is the Power of Introverts. The purpose of this journal entry is to reflect on Susan Cain’s presentation entitled ‘The Power of Introverts’ (Ted, 2012.) It was a very interesting presentation in which Cain (2012) highlighted, through personal and historical anecdotes, the characteristics and educational challenges of introverts. Cain’s (2012) presentation allowed me the euphoric moment of understanding what introversion is and how to embrace this characteristic in myself. I learned just how common introversion really is. I don’t see introversion as anything different, and I know it is part of who I am. I often wonder why the educational environment is a domain that rewards extroverted types more than introverted students. Cain’s (2012) presentation led me to question, “Do I meet the needs of the introverted students in my class?” “Are the introverts in my class being pushed to the sidelines?” The classroom relies on the harmony between the loud and the quiet. Both are important. We need those who reflect and think, along with those who act and speak.
I realized that giving students the opportunities to work independently and in small and whole groups, time for reflection, and time for movement will allow them to learn from each other. When designing learning activities for my classroom, I need to consider the key elements of balance and choice in order to create a comfortable learning environment which encourages all students to stretch and take risks.


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