PIDP 3250 Lecture as an instructional strategy


History does repeat itself, lecturing is how I was taught throughout my schooling. The teacher would stand in front of the class and talk while I sat there trying to absorb the material sitting quiet and still. Lecturing is considered the oldest method of teaching, and it seems that most lecturers still struggle with the mechanics that ensure the message is retained and the audience stays awake. It’s a wonder that lecturing as a teaching method has survived. Lecture is a valuable part of a teacher’s instructional repertoire if the presenter is knowledgeable, perceptive, engaging, and motivating. Many students, because of learning style preferences, may not readily assimilate lecture content. In addition, lectured content is often rapidly forgotten. It is essential to see lectures as a means of helping students learn to think about the key concepts of a particular subject, rather than primarily as a means of transferring knowledge from instructor to student. What are your thoughts on lecture as an instructional strategy? Can lecture be an effective tool in the classroom?
Here is an article on the Pros and Cons of lecture as an instructional strategy.


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