PIDP 3250 – Cell phones in class

On the forum, the question was posed; “Should Cell phones be allowed in class?”
I used to think that a cell phone had no place in the classroom. There is no doubt in my mind that cell phones can cause disruption in the classroom if used improperly. It’s easy to see why some instructors have implemented a no-cell phone policy. But I know that with students, cell phone use in inevitable, as virtually all students have one. I realize it is important to stop thinking disruption and start thinking powerful teaching tool. Why not use the devices for good? I would be burying my head in the sand if I said that cell phones were not a part of everyday life. The more I discover what I can do with them, the more valuable they are. If I can harness what students are interested in, they have massive amounts of potential.
A discussion as to what the best policies are for use of cell phones in class, and how it is shaping the classroom environment was conducted on the forum. It was decided that the use of cell phones could be seen as a distraction (no texting during class), but also as a positive way to enhance learning.
An article I recently read highlights 4 smart ways to use the cell phone in class:
1. In-class quizzes/polling
2. In-class back-channeling
3. In-class readings and handouts
4. Organizing research

For further reading the link to the article is provided below:
Four Smart Ways to Use Cell Phones in Class


Carey, J. (2012, January 1). Four Smart Ways to Use Cell Phones in Class. MindShift. Retrieved June 21, 2014, from


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