PIDP 3250 Learning Styles

Hello, I am going to write about my PIDP 3250 course: Instructional Strategies. A significant part of this course is self-directed and participation in an online learning forum. One of the topics brought to my attention in this forum was learning styles. To summarize what I have learnt thus far is that :

We do not process incoming information in the same way. Neither do we store it, organize it or retrieve it in the same way. Students and teachers have varying learning styles, and no single teaching style can fulfill all students’ needs.

• A person’s learning style has to do with how he or she processes information in order to learn it and then apply it.
• No one approach or style is more or less effective than any other. What does matter is whether it is suited to a particular everyday task or academic situation.
• By understanding different ‘learning styles’ we may gain insights into ways of making academic information more accessible to our diverse groups of learners.

If students become aware of their preferred learning styles they will then be more able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this they can then develop strategies when or if there is a mismatch between their preferred style and their academic situation.
It cannot be expected that one teacher can accommodate all students all the time because of the diversity of learning styles in any class and students using a mix of learning styles. By varying teaching techniques and strategies in the classroom, teachers can reach as many students as possible.

As I reflect on how instructional strategies impact my role as an instructor, I must say that I have changed how I teach. My style of presentation from lecturing to having active participation from the students has been my recent goal and greatest accomplishment. Learning in my classroom is more relaxing and fulfilling. It is a pleasure to prepare the class using more creativity and varying strategies. The students in my classroom learn in different ways. There is the visual learner who primarily learns through the written word; there is the auditory learner who learns through listening; and the kinesthetic learners who learn by doing. Using different teaching strategies helps engage the many different types of leaners in my class. Everybody has a preferred learning style. Knowing and understanding our learning style helps us to learn and teach more effectively.


How do our students learn?

This video on teaching strategies to effectively reach kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning styles was posted to the forum and makes for a great resource.




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